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Give the gift that keeps on living. Donate Blood.


It's the season of gift giving. It is also the season where typhoons, floods, and diseases such as the dreaded dengue become rampant in our country. According to the Department of Health (DOH), “Dengue is a year-round problem” and amid the rising number of dengue cases in the country, the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) urged the public to donate blood for patients suffering from the mosquito-borne disease. Statistically, the total number of dengue cases reached 19,432 from January 1 to September 24, 2011 with 108 deaths. The tears of a mother cannot save her child with severe dengue, BUT YOUR BLOOD CAN. There is still hope in fighting dengue through preventive measures and blood donations.

Blood donation is a voluntary act of allowing one's blood to be drawn out of the body. It can be termed as heroic or an act of charity, though sometimes people donate in exchange for money or other incentives. It has many advantages besides the exalted feeling of joy in giving blood to help prolong life. Such advantages include: improving the health of the donor, lowering iron levels in the body, reducing cancer and heart attack risks, replenishing blood, lowering cholesterol level, and stimulating the body system.

Generally, there are no major disadvantages when donating blood, except that sometimes one may experience a drop in blood pressure due to hypovolemia (a state of reduced blood volume) or mild nausea. But clearly, there are more benefits and mental satisfaction that comes from saving a life because we all know that blood is replaceable but life is not. Access to safe blood is a key component of effective health care and voluntary donors are the cornerstone of a safe blood supply. You don't have to have a medical degree to save a life, just a fair degree of humanity. Remember that a healthy person can donate three to four times a year, which equates to about three or four bags of blood annually. By doing so, you can save four lives yearly. So smile and give…someone will surely smile and live because of the pint you spared, you have a life to share.

Give Blood. Save Lives.


**You may visit for more information on how to donate blood.

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