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Pest-Off Ant and Roach Killer Chalk

Ant and Roach Killer Chalk

Pest-Off Ant and Roach Killer Chalk gets rid of pesky ants and roaches inside your home effectively. Just draw some visible lines along the corners of the kitchen cabinet, around a rubbish bin or along the roach and ant's trail.

The Ant and Roach Killer Chalk is best used in hard to reach areas where these pests live and hide in your home.

Pest-Off Ant and Roach Killer Chalk contains no smell, it is easy to use and it's cost efficient. Do not be deceived with the power of one line because it lasts for weeks and it is tough on crawling pests.

Pest-Off Ant and Roach Chalk
Packing per Case: 60 pcs.

How to use Pest-Off Ant and Roach Killer Chalk?

An ant and roach killer chalk is so easy to use and it lasts for months! Just draw a line of around 1 inch thick to dry and hard to reach places where ants and roaches reside. You may even draw the same thickness in circles (or any shape) which is great around rubbish bins.

When ants and roach cross the line with the killer chalk, some tiny particles will stay on their legs and bodies. These tiny particles will target their central nerves within a few minutes to hours depending on how few or many these particles are left on their bodies. In addition, the tiny particles of chalk may/will be passed on to other ants and roaches hence, the cycle of the power of the killer chalk.

After using, simply wash your hands with water and store the ants and roach killer chalk to a dry place. Keep this product away from children.

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