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Pest-Off Fly Trap

Fly Trap

Pest-Off Fly Trap is an effective trap for house flies and a great deal in preventing diseases such as typhoid fever, malaria, cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, tuberculosis, anthrax, and parasitic worms.

Pest-Off Fly Trap is more cost efficient because it's wider, thicker, and stickier super adhesive glue than any other brand. Furthermore, it is the only fly trap in the market with pre-cut holes ready to be hanged, formed into a standing cone, or rolled as a standing cylinder.

Truly, this multifaceted fly trap can fit any household or businesses' needs and wants.

Pest-Off Fly Trap
Packing per Case: 300 pcs.

What colors and textures do flies prefer to land on?

Flies are attracted to primary colors (eg. Reds and yellows-like Pest-Off Fly Trap!) and anything which gives off a sweet or foul smell. They prefer to land in areas that are moist, or anything red with fresh odor such as open wounds, sweat, and dead rotting animals because they use these nutrients as a survival.

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