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Pest-Off Glue Boards

Glue Board

Pest-Off Glue Boards are the ultimate rat and mice catching traps essential for every house hold and business establishments. It contains super adhesive and non-toxic glue that catches pesky rodents faster and more convenient than that of poisonous baits. It comes in different bases such as wood board and card board for rats and plastics boards in plain (no scent) or with "attractant" of either cheese or peanut scent for mice and rats.

Pest-Off Glue Boards protects your family from the deadly leptospirosis and over 70 other health threatening diseases rats carry. Pest-Off Glue Boards' superior rat catching power leaves your household and business establishments free and protected by instantly stopping rats dead on their tracks.

How do you use Pest-Off Glue Boards?

Pest-Off Glue Boards are easy to use, just place them under the sink cabinet, near the garbage bin, drainage hole or to areas in which rodent activity are visible. Most of the time, there will be fecal matter (small and black pellets in appearance), holes, food or paper crumbs lying around the areas in which the rodents have been present. Wait for a few days (or even hours especially when placed at night) for these pesky rats to be trapped in the glue then, dispose properly.

How does Pest-Off Glue Boards really work?

Pest-Off Glue Boards' super adhesive glue practically looks like "water in a shallow container". With this design, it somehow lures the rats and mice to drink because according to studies, rat's main important consumption is water; they need ½ to 1 ounce of water as it cannot survive long without it. Furthermore, rats are omnivorous scavengers and would eat a wide variety of food - almost anything but mostly prefer grain, nuts (peanuts), milk, cheese, livestock feed, meat, fruits, vegetables and many more - hence the Pest-Off Glue Boards with cheese or peanut scent are available in the market.

So, rats may be "smart" but, dehydration and hunger is their weakness and we can actually "outsmart" them. Smart! Isn't it?

What kind of Pest-Off Glue Board should I use?

Since the company knows that the size, number, color, or even specie of rats vary from house hold to house hold, we provided consumers with 8 varieties of Pest-Off Glue Boards fit for the consumer's problems and needs. If you have big rats inside your house, you may use Pest-Off Rat Catcher Wood Board as a heavy duty rat bait or Pest-Off Rat Catcher Plastic Board with Cheese or Peanut Attractant Scent. If you have medium rats to small mice, it is better to use Pest-Off Rat Catcher Card Board or Pest-Off Mice Catcher Plastic Board by 4's for a more affordable price!

What if only a portion of the rat's or mice's body got glued? Can they still escape from it?

Most probably, NO. The more rats or mice struggle, the more they will "burry" their bodies into the super adhesive glue.

What are the benefits of using Pest-Off Glue Boards compared to other rat and mice catching products?

  • Pest-Off Glue Boards uses super adhesive glue to eliminate rats and mice. This glue is non-toxic so it is safe for everyone.

  • Rats can be seen dead right on their tracks therefore, you need not look for stinking and rotting rats all over your house or offices.

  • There are no harmful micro chemicals inhaled or scattered around the area (like poisonous feeds). Thus, preventing asthma, food poison, or ingestion by household pets or children.

  • You may or may not care, but poisonous feeds are by far the least humane way to deal with rats. The rats suffer as they die of internal bleeding and haemorrhaging and it is also a bad idea to put poison out in the environment.

  • Pest-Off Glue Boards protects you and your family from the deadly LEPTOSPIROSIS and more than 70 diseases rats carry.

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